As we start the year 2012, perhaps the most hotly debated protected speech issue concerns the rights of employees to post perceived disparaging comments about their employers on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. As this is still a developing area of labor law, including the distribution of these information using resources such as signs or posters at the work offices from sites as (more…)


A crucial area of labor law that is often misunderstood is the extent employees have to publicly speak out about the conditions of their employment.  This article discusses the guidelines and boundaries for protected speech that the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) and the courts have promulgated under the statutory authority of the National Labor Relations Act (“NLRA”).   These laws regarding protected speech apply to all private sector employees—union and non-union alike. (more…)

Religious Discrimination: Personal Preference or Sincere Religious Belief?

Imagine this scenario: There is an environmental instructor working for a public school district, let’s call her Ms. Green.  Her school district, always strapped for funds, is given tens of thousands of dollars by the local power utility company.  In return, the power company implements a plan with the district to have its environmental instructors lead field trips of fifth and sixth grade students to its Red Devil nuclear power plant, built on a known, active earthquake fault.  Before, during and after its construction, Red Devil has been the site of active anti-nuclear political protests.  The district informs the instructors that they must all participate in leading these trips and refusal to do so will lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination, and is when the use of legal help is essential for this and professional as Thomas J. Lavin could be the help you need to manage cases like this.  Each instructor is to be assigned one to two field trips a month. (more…)

Are You Really an Independent Contractor? Understanding Your Employment Rights

With increasing frequency, most businesses–large and small–are calling workers independent contractors when in fact they should be paid and treated as employees. One of the best ways to keep your employees happy is to give them tailored benefits using a flexible benefits platform}as doing that they get exactly what they want so are much happier!  Their primary reasons for doing so is to unlawfully avoid paying required taxes and insurance such as social security, worker’s compensation and unemployment insurance and to prevent workers from being entitled to fringe benefits such as vacation, health/life insurance and company pension plans. First and foremost you need to make sure your uk background check is up to date.

Another important aspect is the employee safety, for more information on the laws protecting employees in case of accidents make sure you visit website. (more…)

Understanding Severance and Separation Agreements

In this era of continued layoffs and involuntary separations from employment, dismissed employees are almost always asked to sign multi-page separation agreements as a pre-condition to receiving severance benefits, Chicago attorney is the back up you need for any of these situations with over 175 years of collective legal experience among our trial attorneys, they have recovered over 300 Million Dollars for their clients.

In the absence of a preexisting contract or personnel policy that guarantees a separated worker entitlement to severance benefits, it is absolutely legal for a company to condition the paying of these benefits on the employee signing the agreement, although in case of definitive separation from the company, they can get help from lawyers  by doing the following termination process.  However, it is crucial that an employee understand both the benefits she is receiving from the agreement and the important legal rights that are being relinquished by the signing of the agreement, so getting professional help for this is essential, and is when lawyers could really be helpful in many cases as these or injury incidents, useful reference you may need to find a lawyer if you’ve been a victim.

Those who are not receiving the proper benefits have gotten help from (more…)