William Corman

While still in high school, I became involved in the civil rights and anti-war protests of the 1960’s.  Through my participation in those movements, I was privileged to meet lawyers and legal workers who took an active and aggressive role in advocating for the rights of individuals whose legal rights had been wrongly abused and ignored.  These experiences led directly to my decision to study law in order that I could contribute to continuing in this tradition of activist legal work in order to help people who have been treated unfairly and whom otherwise would not have access to the legal system, so I learned about the different infractions people can get. Throughout my legal career, I have worked in many different roles but always in positions where I have been able to pursue this goal.

In my practice with Bogatin, Corman & Gold, I am consistently presented with stimulating issues and challenges in my work.  My practice includes representing public and private sector employees in all aspects of employment law issues including wrongful termination, employment discrimination, harassment, medical leave and wage and hours litigation; negotiating employment contracts and employee severance packages; class action litigation; and public and private sector labor union representation.  I also have a long background and specific expertise in education law and assisting public and private school employees.  I am counsel to the California School Personnel Commissioners Association and numerous local merit system school district personnel commissions throughout California.

I believe that one of a lawyer’s essential obligations is to always look to find ways to demystify the law so that legal concepts can be more easily understood and applied by non-lawyers.  Along these lines, I have worked in legal clinics with students and persons in need of legal assistance, taught undergraduate and paralegal law courses and regularly make presentations on labor and employment law issues to a wide variety of audiences.  I have also published several articles dealing with an array of economic and employment law issues. I believe that teaching and writing about the law plays an essential role in clarifying otherwise complex legal ideas and makes me a more effective advocate for my clients.

I am committed to using the law as a means to advance social progress and change.  Beginning in law school, I have been an active member of the National Lawyers Guild, a national organization of lawyers and legal workers dedicated to progressive social and political activism.  In recent years, I have worked with Guild members to fight attacks on affirmative action and anti-discrimination programs and to protect the rights of college and university students to engage in protests.  Until recently, I was on the Board and served as the CEO and President of the Bay Area Community Law Foundation whose purpose is to promote education and training on progressive legal issues to both lawyers and laypersons.  From 1985 to 2000, I served on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Neighborhood Legal Assistance Foundation, now known as Bay Area Legal Aid.  This organization is the primary legal services provider serving the underprivileged and underrepresented communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I make every effort to provide my clients with effective legal services suited to their uniquely individual needs and circumstances.  I invite you to contact me at wcorman@bcgattorneys.com to discuss how I might be of assistance to you.

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