Andrew Gold

My main practice area has always been litigation, and over the course of my career, I have handled a wide variety of cases for a diverse group of clients. I have represented individuals; I have represented large businesses, small businesses and non-profits; I have represented the estates and heirs of deceased celebrities. I have litigated cases in fields such as copyright, trademark and right of publicity, professional negligence, real estate, lender liability and breach of contract.  For two years I supervised a large team of lawyers litigating an international commercial litigation matter on behalf of a large publishing entity. I have a restless mind, and I have always liked having a broad practice.

In addition to my litigation practice, I previously served as General Counsel to the Pacifica Foundation, a non-profit corporation which is the parent of progressive, listener sponsored radio stations in New York City, Berkeley, Washington, Los Angeles and Houston. I also wrote Expert Commentaries on Trademark Law for Lexis/Nexis.  For many years I sat on the board of directors of Other Minds, a non-profit music festival in San Francisco. I currently sit on the board of Gamelan Sekar Jaya, a 60-member organization of musicians and dancers specializing in the performing arts of Bali. I have previously served on several other non-profit arts and/or education boards.

I have an unusual background for a lawyer. Eschewing the traditional educational path, in 1976 I received a Bachelor of Philosophy in interdisciplinary studies from Thomas Jefferson College, an experimental college in Michigan, where I pursued course work in, among other things, theater, poetry and classical mythology. I went to graduate school in theater directing at Brandeis University, and then transferred to California Institute of the Arts where I obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree in theater directing in 1979. After graduate school, I taught theater, produced, directed and acted, and worked for a literary agent in New York City. After four years of working in theater and publishing, I attended the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law of Yeshiva University in New York City where I served as the Articles Editor of the Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal. I graduated cum laude in 1986.

While in law school, I clerked at the Libel Defense Resource Center, a media-sponsored First Amendment think tank, and then with the New York-based international law firm of Coudert Brothers. After law school, I joined the New York office of Coudert Brothers, where I worked in the Media and Entertainment Litigation Department, representing television networks, newspapers, publishers and others in libel, intellectual property and international commercial litigation matters.

In 1989 I transferred to the San Francisco office of Coudert Brothers where I represented independent computer maintenance companies in anti-trust and intellectual property matters. In 1990, I left Coudert Brothers and associated with Stein, Lubin & Lerner (now Lubin Olson & Niewiadomski) where I represented financial institutions, real estate developers, and businesses large and small in a wide range of litigation and general business matters.

While at Stein & Lubin I began to feel that my practice had become too narrowly focused in commercial law. I decided to look for opportunities to utilize my artistic background and intellectual property training to expand my professional sphere. In 1995, I left Stein & Lubin and joined Bill Corman and M.J. Bogatin to form Bogatin, Corman & Gold. In 2016 I withdrew from the partnership but I remain “of counsel” to the firm.

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